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A Master Passion
This is the story of a fascinating marriage 18th Century style, shared by a great lady and a great genius - Elizabeth Schuyler and our brilliant first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

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Roan Rose
Rose gives her heart and a lifetime of service to the doomed House of York. Born to a peasant midwife, she is taken to nearby Middleham Castle by the Countess of Warwick, in the same way we might adopt a puppy. Here she becomes poppet and companion to the mighty Earl of Warwick’s daughter, Anne. Here she also meets Duke Richard, King Edward’s youngest brother, who is undergoing knightly training.

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Red Magic
(Magic Colours Book 1)

Red-headed Caterina von Velsen, a tomboy and superb horsewoman, detests her older sister’s husband-to-be.
Christoph von Hagen is handsome and brave, but he is also a Casanova, a man with a reputation that stretches from his mountain manor all the way to Vienna.

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Black Magic
(Magic Colours Book 2)

Disappointed in love, weary of war, Goran von Hagen retreats to his idyllic alpine estate. He does not know the dark and ancient secret of the looming mountain--or that it will change his life forever.

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Black magic book cover

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